Beretta ARX 160



The ARX 160 in caliber .22 L.R. is the perfect platform for training purposes. The weight and the balance of the gun are similar to the caliber 223 Remington rifles and most operating elements are in the same position.

General operation
The ARX160 .22LR is a semiautomatic blowback type firearm. Upon firing the inertia of the fired cartridge pushes the bolt back, ejects the spent cartridge, cocks the hammer and compresses the recoil spring. The bolt will then automatically move forward to the closed position, feeding the next cartridge from the magazine into the chamber. The bolt is designed to stay open after the last round has been fired and ejected.

Azione Single
Lunghezza Canna (mm) 460
Lunghezza Canna (in) 18.11
Calibro .22 LR
Caricatore 5
Altezza totale (mm) 290
Altezza totale (in) 11.4
Lunghezza totale (mm) 920
Lunghezza totale (in) 36.2
Spessore totale (mm) 80
Spessore totale (in) 3.15
Peso scarico (g) 3000
Peso scarico (OZ) 105.82



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